Friday, October 31, 2014

Last minute Halloween Tipp

Hello my dears, between my looking-for-an-appartement-in-Paris-stress and Halloween-Make-Up-jobs, I wanted to show you my Halloween idea for this year. I really wanted to do a tutorial, but I couldn't find the time...:(
But since I think it's a really nice idea, I just wanted to show you and may be inspire you for a last minute make-up:)
My make-up tipp for this year is the runway-look from Vivienne Westwood for her Spring/Summer Collection 2014. It's a scary destroyed look, which is great for Halloween I think. The best thing about it is the message I think , since Vivienne Westwood decided to make this look to point out the world's precarious climate-situation. I think that's great!
This look combines a very nice fashioned outfit with a great make-up and you can make your statement as an eco-warrior:) For me the perfect Halloween-Look! Hope you like it and may be I could inspire you a bit!


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